BüddyCentral is where all the büddies come together.

The name was coined after Grand Central, the main train station in New York, where many a person’s worlds come together.  Grand Central Train Station accommodates the unique mission of each person to get from point A to point B, every day, and thereby living out their dreams.  BüddyCentral has the same heart.

At BüddyCentral many a person’s worlds come together.

Everyone needs efficient financial services to live out their dreams, and we understand that.

We serve you through BrokerBüddy, MediBüddy, ValueBüddy, BüddyGuard and more to make your dreams come true, whether you are financial services intermediary or a policyholder we will put you on the right track.

Viva Büddies, viva.

God bless Africa

Büddycentral Group

  • BrokerBüddy
  • BüddyGuard
  • MediBüddy
  • SureBüddy
  • ValueBüddy
  • FlowBüddy
  • DebtBüddy
  • Azandi
  • CHS

Financial Service Providers

  • BrokerBüddy FSP43153
  • CHS FSP46862
  • MediBüddy FSP47806